Walter Electric

If your home or business has an electrical problem, we have the solution. We’ve made it our mission to provide an extensive range of reliable repair and installation services to the homes of our community. We offer a wide range of services like house re-wiring, electric panels, commercial repairs, outlets and fixtures, and more. Our expert team handles each job with careful planning and problem solving view to ensure that we get the work done right the first time. We take pride in and stand behind all of our work. Contact us today for all your electrical needs!

Creative Lighting

Lighting Design Specialist

 Are you aware that you can actually transform the look and feel of your home with beautifully and thoughtfully designed lighting?
My greatest passion is helping homeowners discover the amazing transformation that can take place with creatively designed/installed lighting. With the many options that today’s technology makes available, we are able to help you create beautiful and useful–as well as energy-efficient– lighting solutions.

Let us come to your home and give you a no-cost consultation. You will be pleasantly surprised how cost-effective a lighting “facelift” can be!

Smart Home Solutions

 Today’s technology has created wonderful options for homeowners that didn’t even exist a handful of years ago. For example, the ability to retrofit an existing home with “smart switching” that allows the homeowner to enjoy “scene control”: the ability at the touch of a keypad to set the mood: Dining; Entertainment; TV; Nightlight; Pathway Lighting, etc. And this can be done from your Smart Phone or IPad as well! In conjunction with my passion for creative Lighting Design, the Smart Home options can create simpler and more elegant solutions to your lighting needs. 

Energy Efficient Lighting

 There are various steps to take when trying to live a more “green” lifestyle and help out the environment. The important part is that the majority of the world is realizing how important it is for us to reduce our carbon footprints. A major benefit of pledging to be more energy efficient is that when all is said and done it ends up reducing costs. 

Electrical Solutions

Electrical Troubleshooting

Our decades of experience allows us to effectively and efficiently troubleshoot often complicated electrical issues quickly.

We offer cost-effective troubleshooting to existing electrical issues, as well as creative and well thought out solutions to help the homeowner enjoy a safer and more reliable electrical system in their home.

Panel Upgrades

We offer very competitive pricing on Panel upgrades. Updating your Electrical panel can be a very smart choice for increased capacity for additional electrical needs, as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing your electrical system is well-installed and well grounded. 

Specializing in Older Homes

 We have many years of experience in working on the older homes, especially with safety evaluation and rewiring. We know the many idiosyncrasies of the various “vintages” of homes in the San Diego area. In addition, our team of professionals takes great care in protecting your home while we do the work.

We complete the job from start to finish: we specialize in patching and repairing the walls and ceilings after doing our work, matching textures and finishes extremely well.

Our reputation in working on the older homes in San Diego is unsurpassed!


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